In the presence of Sunshine.

I've got Sunshine and she's got me. Sometimes, I write, but not nearly enough. Sometimes, I'm smart, but not nearly enough. Always, I am here for you.

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We have come to Mars for good. We are going to make not only our homes and our food, but also our water and the very air we breathe - all on a planet that has none of these things. We can do this because we have technology to manipulate matter right down to the molecular level. This is an extraordinary ability, think of it! And yet some of us here can accept transforming the entire physical reality of this planet, without doing a single thing to change our selves, or the way we live. To be twenty-first-century scientists on Mars, in fact, but at the same time living within nineteenth-century social systems, based on seventeenth-century ideologies. It’s absurd, it’s crazy, it’s unscientific. And so I say that among all the things we transform on Mars, ourselves and our social reality should be among them. We must terraform not only Mars, but ourselves.

Red Mars, Kim Stanley Robinson

Really enjoying this game.

Really enjoying this game.

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I’m too insane to explain and you’re too normal to understand.

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